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Here you can find recent story sessions, love stories, or even updates on my life! After all, what is a world without stories? Here are some of mine.

Jarrod Paulson Dancing in St Paul

I met Jarrod Paulson through his boo, Madison Jordan, and I met Madison because of a dentist appointment. Weird? Yeah, I’d have to agree. (Hop over to my blog on that story!)

Jarrod is a dancer from St Paul MN and he dances with Crash Dance in Minneapolis and teaches at Larkin Dance Studio. He’s got talent spilling out of him and a passion that is incomparable. Just take a peek at the photos – you’ll see what I mean.

Stillwater Dance Session with Madison Jordan from

I’ve got a story for you – I’m sitting in my dentist’s chair with my mouth gaping open while my dentist and dental hygienist converse over me. I’m equally listening to the conversation, not being able to partake, and mindlessly watching odd shaped fish swim across the Discovery Chanel screen. They start to discuss a niece who has made it onto some tv show, but they can’t remember the name of it until… lightbulb “Oh!! It’s called So You Think You Can Dance!”.

Yoga at Dual Citizen

One of my last shoots at VE was for the partnership that they were putting together with Dual Citizen. We went to the brewery before they opened and snapped some shots of Emily Rose doin’ what she does best: yoga…

Bakken Family

I met Kaia and her family through mutual friends and we connected instantly over our overlapping careers. Our friendship has taken off you’ll often find us enjoying a weekday evening creating together. Kaia makes journals and books for her business Dustling + Hart, and…

Baby Luna

I walked into Chris + Jenessa’s Stillwater home to be greeted with Alex’s bursting enthusiasm for his new little sister. Throughout the session, he kept giving her kisses and even (with the help of mom) sang her “Over The Rainbow”. Luna is definitely in good hands so long as big brother Alex is around. Telling the…

Peterson Family

We snagged what was probably the last beautiful day in November to capture a Story Session at Lake Elmo Park Reserve. The goal was to get some beautiful lifestyle photos at sunset, but we got so much more! The Petersons were down for absolutely anything and because …