the studio.

Welcome to The Hive House studio! Take a peek around! It’s located in Stillwater, MN and I love hosting my sessions here! I opened The Hive House in North St Paul in 2019 and opened doors to fellow creatives and photographers to make magic there as well. So if you are looking for a studio session, let’s get cozy at The Hive House!

About the hive:

The Hive House is a homey studio right in downtown Stillwater. There are so many fun options here from cozy living room setups to open empty space to comfy bedrooms. A room for every type of session we could dream up!

what we offer:

Diverse Space

The Hive House has multiple rooms, each with a unique personality. Looking for something with color and pattern? We got it! Looking for something moodier? You’ve got options to choose from!

Natural Light

This place has natural light galore! We are in the corner of a historic building so we have east and north-facing windows that spill over with beautiful light! As a natural light lover myself, this place makes me swoon! I can’t wait to document moments of you there!

Props and sets 

We have a variety of furniture, props, and backdrops. This allows us to get creative and gives us options to choose from to make your session more “you”! 


01.  Is there a studio add-on fee?

No! A perk is that I own this studio and all studio fees are waived if we shoot here!

02. Can we do some photos in-studio and some outdoors?

Absolutely! The studio is located in a perfect spot to access downtown Stillwater so we can do half of your session in-studio and half outdoors!

03. When is the best time to shoot in the studio?

All studios are different, but shooting at The Hive House is usually best 3 hours after sunrise to about 3 hours before sunset. This changes season to season, but generally this works best!

04. Where is your studio located?

Right in the heart of downtown Stillwater! It is located in the Isaac Staple Sawmill building on the 3rd floor.

Looking for a cozy in-studio session?