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Here you can find recent story sessions, love stories, or even updates on my life! After all, what is a world without stories? Here are some of mine.

Foster Care Update : February 2021

Well friends it finally happened…

I got the call and about 2 hours later my first 3 kids were arriving. And y’all – I was signed up for kids 4-10 and was given 9, 13, and 15. Insert big eyes here. Going from living alone to a household of four was jarring but completely welcome. I wasn’t ready to navigate teenhood, but really who is, and I am up for a challenge.

Adding to the Team – Welcome Danie Powell!

Lover of laughter, board games, 90’s movie quotes, creativity and smiles. I built my life off of joy and finding the good in people and situations. My glass is half full and I am always looking for the silver lining. I am proud to be apart of Rachel’s team and help make each client feel at home and …

A Week in Ireland

Who can actually pass up a great deal on flights? Ireland was a beautiful break from the business of photographing weddings and answering emails. From meeting a bride and groom in the airport on their way to their Dublin destination wedding, to crossing paths with a set of sisters from Minnesota traveling to Ireland as well, this trip was meant to be. Sleepy coastal villages and sheep upon sheep upon sheep, green as far as the eye can see, and overgrown 6th century cemetery churches that are what dreams are made of. This blog doesn’t do justice to the trip we had and the sights we saw, but hopefully it sets the tone for the story of our trip and the beauty we saw.

Rachel’s Top 21 Favorite Local Venues

Being in the wedding industry, I’ve been around the block a time or two and I have created my own lists of favorites when it comes to wedding vendors! As we approach wedding planning season, I’ve been getting asked by brides and grooms what my favorite venues are in and around the

Time flies when… | One Month Anniversary

Where did the past month go?! Today is my “One Month Anniversary” since I left my full-time job and decided to jump into the unknown and reach for the stars I had been staring at for so long. Let’s be honest though…

My Favorite “Homes” | Switzerland

I call many places home. I grew up and returned to Minnesota. My family is there, and my memories are there. Minnesota is familiar and I’m content there. Illinois holds my friends, also viewed as family. I’d call Becca Martin’s home my home, Judson University still feels like my home, and I will always welcome places like Chicago with open arms. But Switzerland is a different kind of home. When I visit…