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Hey there, I'm Rachel! I am a lifestyle photographer based in the Twin Cities. Let's ditch the poses and document real life. The messy, the silly, and the belly laughs. I want to document you as you are, not change who you are.



Jarrod Paulson Dancing in St Paul

  1. Brianna Lane says:

    Frick these are so cool Rachel. I’d love to get into dancer photography, looks like a blast!

  2. Rachel DesJardins says:

    Bri – dancers like Jarrod make dance sessions so easy! You’d love it!

  3. It’s insane how he can contort his body like that! I love how you had him interact with his environment!

  4. Rachel Gaetz says:

    WHOA. I can’t stop looking at these. I don’t think I could maneuver my body in any one of these positions, haha! I love everything from the energy/movement to the great tones and colors you brought out. AMAZING job, Rach!!!

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