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Hey there, I'm Rachel! I am a lifestyle photographer based in the Twin Cities. Let's ditch the poses and document real life. The messy, the silly, and the belly laughs. I want to document you as you are, not change who you are.



Pinewood Wedding Venue Photo Tour

  1. Brianna says:

    Stunning Rachel! Such a beautiful day and such gorgeous detail! Love all of this!!

  2. The Puppy has his own Instagram?! Hahaha I love it. But you did an awesome day of walking us through the venue. I totally dig your guy’s vision and love the boho crown!

  3. Kelly Loeffler says:

    I love this venue and the colors of this shoot are so vibrant and amazing. That painted backdrop is amazing! beautiful captured.

  4. Jenessa Scherer says:

    OKAY GIIIIIRL! These turned out perfect. So sad to have missed this lovely day! Love all the rich colors – the florals and tablescape are to die for! And that tile wall where you hung the dress is stunning! This makes me wish every bride and groom brought along their puppy!

  5. Andrea says:

    Okayyyyyyyyy I knew these would turn out perfect but holy wow! Amazing job! This venue is just a Dream and I have 1 bride touring it soon….hoping she chooses Pinewood!!!

  6. Rachel Gaetz says:

    Welp, I had Pinewood fomo before, but now that I’ve seen these pics… I’ve basically got Pinewood FEVER! Gorgeous captures, girl!

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